Termite Inspection and Treatment

Every year, termites invade homes and cause billions of dollars in damage. Homeowners insurance doesn’t often cover the damage, even though termites post a significant threat in Georgia. Termites in Georgia are especially active in the spring but can pose a threat year-round.

Protecting Your Home or Office Against Termites

Bigham Services uses the best products on the market when eradicating termites and protecting your home or office against an infestation. Our strategies include bait and liquid products such as Trelona and Termida.

Trelona Bait Strategy

Trelona is a high grade cellulose material that has been compressed into tablets. Developed by BASF, Trelona compressed termite bait is installed in-ground on your property at stations using the Trelona Advance® Termite Bait System (ATBS). This system provides effective protection that involves placement and monitoring with scheduled inspections by a trained Pest Management Professional like Bigham Services.

The Trelona ATBS design works fast. In less than two months, termites will consume the bait from the stations and share it with the termite population to control subterranean activity for on-going termite protection. The time to fully treat and achieve control of termite activity can vary depending on a number of factors such as colony size, location, and environmental conditions. When structural damage already exists or damage is caused while pre-existing termites continue to feed, a more aggressive approach using a termiticide, such as Termidor, may be necessary.

Liquid Termidor HE

Bigham Services is a licensed technician familiar with techniques for diluting and applying high-efficiency Termidor, commonly referred as Termidor HE.  Termidor HE provides continuous treatment in zones to prevent infestations in wood for maximum protection. It is highly effective against a variety of subterranean, arboreal, drywood, and dampwood termites. It works under a wide range of soil types, environmental conditions, and application techniques.

If you are a homeowner, contact us to schedule a termite inspection of your entire home, both inside and outside. For more information on services to protect your home or office against pests and termites, contact Bigham Services at 770-483-8640 or complete our contact form.

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